Our Training Philosophy

"Train hard. Recover harder."

To make and sustain gains in your fitness or body composition, your recovery must meet or exceed your training load. Only then can you implement the kind of consistency needed for lasting change.

Our Values

Our values are our enduring beliefs that guide us in everything we do.

FAITH. Everything starts with faith. Faith enables hope and fuels gratitude. Faith makes the impossible possible. Daily we rely on our faith in God and in each other. Faith is our foundation.

INTEGRITY. Integrity is more than just telling the truth and doing the right thing. Of course it includes honesty and ethical behavior. But it also includes being true to ourselves... being authentic.

COURAGE. It takes courage to be authentic. It takes courage to be honest with ourselves.
It takes courage to make real changes. It takes courage to take on challenges that bring about real growth. Courage is essential to living life to
the fullest.

DISCIPLINE. Discipline is the key to achieving and sustaining success. Consistently doing the right
things over time, even when we don’t feel like it or when we aren’t seeing the results that
we expected (refer back to faith…) - this is discipline.

KINDNESS. Being kind is a choice. Choosing kindness, especially in times of adversity, is a demonstration of strength. Kindness helps us to make the world around us a
better place. This is why we choose kindness as a value and as our default setting for our personal and professional interactions.